I'm Joukova

Graphic Design Illustrator • Character Designer

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Who is Joukova?

About Me


I am a self-taught comic artist and graphic design illustrator as well as character designer. Over the last 14 years, drawing has been my main source of happiness and freedom, and with transitioning to digital as of early 2020, my range has expanded to so much more.

I work primarily with Paint Tool Sai Ver. 2 and Clip Studio Paint Pro. Manga and anime-inspired works are my strong suit, but I am also capable of replicating more American cartoon-esque art styles. I’ve designed and replicated numerous characters and projects for entrepreneurs, instructors, VTubers, VStreamers, writers, and influencers online.

If you have a drawing you want created or a character you want refreshed, click the button to tell me about your project. We’ll get clarity on how I can provide what’s needed to make your project a success.

I look forward to teaming up with you. Let’s get started.